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Guided Meditations for Healing and Inspiration 

Create Magic in Your Life!

Since the healing ceremony, I found myself being very calm and able to sleep at night.  Healing of memories, healing of traumas related to family, and past rejections etc.  I would recommend Margaret’s services if you are wanting to let go of the stress that comes from past trauma.     Marita B Hoffart, Professor emerita, nursing, Minot State University, Minot, ND

Guided Meditations can Empower you.

Are there changes you would like to make in your life and you are feeling stuck or worse?  Allow a guided meditation to clear away doubts and fears keeping you stuck in your head.  Empower the peacefulness that comes from living from your heart.

Guided Meditations can help you Heal.

Have you had trauma and loss in your life? You have tried everything. Nothing has helped you to let go of the pain and fear that keeps you in chains.  Through guided meditation Divine Spirit can help you let go of fears, doubts or blocks you might not even know you have. Choose to heal your heart and spirit and welcome health and wellness of every positive kind into you and your life!

Guided Meditations can Heal Your Heart!

Do you feel like pieces of your heart are missing?  Have past events or relationships left you feeling broken?  Please choose to heal your heart!  You are worthy. Give yourself the gift of feeling whole and happy and at peace!  Re-connect with your healthy full heart and spirit.  Love yourself.

Margaret is gifted and works with a level of commitment, insight and sincerity that is bound to bring results in your life. If you feel ready for a fresh start in one area or many I recommend a ceremony with Margaret.
Rachel Mai – masterclairvoyant.

Guided Meditations can help you Welcome in a new home / career.

Are you looking for a new home or career or something else in your life and not having any luck?  Let go of the past and of where you are now and open up space for new opportunities. Jump into Change!  Say Yes!! Now!


Guided Meditations can help you Bless and create Innovation in your Business!

Having your own business — being an entrepreneur — WOW!  How exciting and courageous!  Unless you feel “stuck” or worried about…  Do something completely different and crazy!  Jump start your hopes and dreams!  Do a guided meditation and receive Divine Inspiration!  Bless your business and create change, innovation and empowerment for yourself!

Guided Meditations can gift you with healing and guidance for your relationships!

We’ve all had relationships where misunderstandings have led to regrets, anger, pain and maybe even loss of that relationship.  Releasing the energy of hurt and loss can heal your heart and create understanding and new opportunities for more loving and heart centered relationships.

Design your personal guided meditation!

What would you like to receive today? Decide on the focus of your personal guided meditation and give yourself the gift of allowing Divine guidance to inspire you on your adventure!  Receive healing, guidance and reconnection to your own intuition and creativity. Start Empowering your life Now!

I have found her guidance helpful and transformative. One session in particular was very direct and told really deep truths about what was best for me. I would recommend any shamanic service she offers.    Elle Fitz

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