Dare to Dream

Experience the JOY in finding out what your heart really wants AND how to manifest it!


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What to Expect

Weekly Lessons

In addition to the journaling you will do throughout the course, each week will present you with an additional assignment used to enhance what you read in and learned from the book.


The FB Group is the heart of the class. It is where members can pose questions, ask advice, share writings from their weekly assignments, and more.

Weekly Q & A

Based on the week’s subject, members will be able to pose questions for discussion. During the week, there will be an FB Live chat where I will address some of those questions and those posed during the live segment.

8-Week Online Experience

Each Week’s Content will be linked below

Week 1

Learn how to connect deeply to find out what your heart truly wants and then how to start making it happen.

Week 2

Connect even more deeply with your heart. Meet the Angels and Divine Spirit Guides who will help you plan the steps and timing to manifest your Dream!

    Week 3

    Learn to connect easily with your Divine guidance team. Let them help you learn how to recognize and heal limiting beliefs, doubts and fears.  Know you are worthy!

    Week 4

    Learn additional ways to easily connect with your heart and your Divine guidance team as you start putting dates with your dreams.

    Week 5

    Practice connecting directly with Divine to develop action steps and right timing that will allow you to create your Dream with dates!

    Week 6

    Know that you are worthy! You have everything it takes inside of you to manifest your Dream!

    Week 7

    Learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition, heart and your spirit. Know you are worthy! Your heart knows the way. Allow your spirit to always be in charge!

    Week 8

    Discuss timing and action plans with your heart and your Divine guidance team. Continue releasing fears and happily celebrating each step forward toward manifesting your dreams!

    Each class will include guided imagery sessions and other techniques to help you connect easily with your Heart, intuition and Divine.

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    Margaret Z. Taylor

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