Shamanic and Energy Healing

sunset-1176695_1920I hope you feel wonderful! Everyday! I hope this for everyone.

Sometimes though, we get sick. Maybe it’s a cold or the flu and it goes away after a short period of time. My friend Lucia still talks about the time she suddenly developed a severe headache and fever.  She asked for my help, took a 2 hour nap and woke up feeling wonderful! She’s amazed by how quickly her flu symptoms disappeared completely!

Other times we we get sick and it stays. It becomes a permanent part of our life. Sometimes it’s from an illness. Maybe it’s from an injury.  Sometimes it’s from things that we just don’t even know why or where it came from.

Other types of life problems come from an addiction of some kind whether it’s to cigarettes or alcohol or maybe it’s from gambling or shopping or eating. My personal one is chocolate!  🙂

chocolate-183543_1920Are you having difficulty getting over a loss or other kind of traumatic event? Some of us have fears or other types of emotional situations that we are struggling with every day.  Are you heartsick or do you struggle with depression?  There are many causes for these types of health concerns.

Would you like to feel “like yourself” again? Be able to enjoy doing things with family and friends?

Everything is made of energy, which may allow it to be found and returned when lost.  Have you ever felt something was missing and you didn’t know what it was?  What are you searching for?  Would you like to know?

I truly hope that you don’t have any of these things going on in your life.old-people-616718_1920 If you do though it may be possible to help you either lessen the impact or eliminate it completely. Energy healing techniques and ceremonies can be powerful ways of helping you find relief from the pain, from the constant craving, from all of the heartache that chronic conditions can cause or come from.  Best of all, these healing techniques are available through distance healing as well as in person.

A friend of mine will call me up every once in awhile and ask me to send her some “good energy” because she just gets tired and run down sometimes.  She loves how good she feels and how relaxed after getting that “good energy.”

I would love the opportunity to help you connect with the healing Energies that are available to you through Divine Spirit.  Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.happy-woman-1452389_1920 

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