Get the Most Out of Your Ceremony

4-Part Series

You Can Meet With Those Who Have Passed

A friend referred Juli and Dave to me. Juli's been involved in the spirituality community for a long time and understood the kind of work I do. Also the possibility that it could create peace of mind for her husband Dave. He had lost his mom when he was a teenager and...

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Using a Talisman in Ceremony

So you've chosen to perform a ceremony to help you manifest a change in your life.  You want to maximize the benefit you will receive.  Will a talisman help you accomplish this? The purpose of having a talisman as part of a ceremony is to strengthen the connection...

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Integration Techniques

Do you know how to make the effects of a ceremony long-lasting? It is really important following a ceremony to utilize and follow any guidance that you have received from Divine Spirit and your Guides during the ceremony. This will allow you to maximize the benefit of...

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Strengthen Your Connection to Spirit

We all process information differently, especially when it comes to using our senses to help us understand things. Think for a minute about the words you use to describe things. Do you connect more closely visually? Are you always picturing things in your head? Or is...

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Creating Sacred Space

Performing ceremonies or meditations to help achieve a specific goal can be fun and effective. Knowing ahead of time what you need to do to be prepared for the ceremony can help you maximize the effectiveness of the ceremony and your intended result. Choosing an...

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Free Ceremonies

Releasing Fear Ceremony (1)

Bless Your Business

Bless the women in your life
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