Love is in the Air (recordings)


Love really can change your Life! Let yourself create more love, wellbeing and happiness in your life while meeting your Divine support team for this wonderful adventure!

Set yourself free from limiting beliefs, past events and fears through the peaceful healing that love energy provides.  Allow healing and welcome in the magical energy of love with this package of 4 guided meditations designed specifically to help you work hand in hand with Divine as you learn to welcome the love all around you into your heart and spirit!

Let these 4 audios inspire you, fill you with joy and help you connect with your own intuition and your Divine guidance.

1. Love Yourself!  2. Loving Connections  3. Loving Inspiration!   4. Heart Energy for Healing




Love is in the Air!

What have you always dreamed of having in your life? Enjoy these guided meditations and meet the Divine Spirit Guides who can help and inspire you as you learn how to create your Heart’s desire!

By the end of these ceremonies you will have:

  • Received peaceful, loving healing for your heart and Spirit.
  • Received deep healing to release fears and blocks.
  • Had the opportunity to connect and talk with your Divine guidance team to receive their wisdom and start empowering you knowing and loving the beautiful spirit you are.
  • Welcomed in peacefulness and joy deep into your heart and Spirit.
  • Learned how to continue to connect and work directly with your Divine guidance team as you welcome more love in your life.
  • Been introduced to simple fast easy ways to heal and clear your energy fields using the beautiful energy of your own heart.

Remember — Sit in a quiet safe place and prepare to receive Divine guidance. Never Ever listen to or participate in meditations while driving or operating equipment of any kind. Use of this product is consent to and agreement with the Disclaimer and Terms of Use at and

All audio content is composed and performed by Margaret Z Taylor in Urbandale IA. Copywrite 2018 by Margaret Z Taylor and Willow Horse Run, LLC. All rights reserved


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