Vibrational Sound Therapy

Relax while creating deep healing at the same time!

Need help letting go of stress and physical aches and pains?

– “I went into the session with joint pain and high stress. Within 10 minutes after starting Margie had taken me away from my stressful life and moved me into a quiet and serene place. I can honestly say this therapy session lifted me out of my body, removed all stress and relieved pain in my joints. When I fully came back, my mind was clear and calm and my body felt energized and refreshed. Margaret Taylor truly has a gift and I will be making an appointment for another session soon!”    Caralee Beck

“She has vibration sound therapy where she had me lay on a table and she placed these heavy brass bowls on various parts of my body and hit them so the vibration went through my body, I could feel it shooting out my fingers and toes. This was very relaxing and I felt really good after. I felt stress free after I left her house and slept like a baby. I highly recommend her services. You will feel amazing, I know I did!”   Deb Anderson

Are you ready for a good night’s sleep?!

– I slept all night like a dry, well fed baby for the first time in months!!    Kurt R.

This transformation is so much fun!